UN envoys ‘worried about Sudan violence’

5 10 2010

Envoys from 15 nations in the UN’s security council, headed to Sudan to restate that a secession with South Sudan MUST take place on January 9th as decided, expressed fears that a delay could start a violent civil war.  The meeting will not be with President Omar-Al Bashir but with senior officials. Bashir is wanted on war crimes charge[s].

Darfur rebel groups claim that the Sudanese groups have opened new attacks, but the UN has not confirmed this.

[The above ‘snippet’ adapted from this APF article; read it for much more detailed information and don’t forget my DarfurHerald Twitter]


More “talking” after violence in camp

27 08 2010

At the Kalma camp in Darfur, there is tension and violence between the internally displace persons, or IDP’s, supporting the Darfur peace process, and those against it.  According to the UN news center, the peace process is centralized in Doha, Qatar. The UNAMID states that “tension in the camp has de-escalated” but that it remains insecure.

Deputy Joint Special Rep. Mohamed Yonis and AU (African Union) Chairperson of Joint Special Commission, Jean Ping, were in a meeting 08/23.  Mr. Yonis emphasises that the Sudanese government and UNAMID need to work together to secure the camp (!!).

Opinion: When the government has been “masterminding” or at least collaborating with the violence in Sudan/Darfur and with the genocide, it doesn’t seem like there is great hope for compromise.

On another topic, I found a darkly amusing satirical political cartoon while looking for a map of Darfur via Google: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=35704&Cr=darfur&Cr1=

Access ‘regranted’ to aid workers at refugee camp

19 08 2010

After a previous denial, access was returned to various aid groups at a camp for displaced persons in Darfur. Local authorities had claimed “security concerns” for the previous denial. UNAMID reported this news. Tensions have been steady in this camp, Kalma, one of the larges IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. Because of the fighting in the camp, humanitarian aid has been restricted. The UNAMID and UN have been [blog author’s note: the article tells us…] talks with the Government to come up with a solution. [blog author’s note: let’s hope these are some CONSTRUCTIVE talks].

QuickPost: Trouble with the ‘UNAMID’?

13 08 2010

I’ve been jobhunting, but shamefully neglecting this blog. So here’s a quick post on the latest news on Darfur.

“The UN on Thursday denied media reports that the head of the joint UN-AU peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Ibrahim Gambari, had “threatened” the internally displaced people (IDPs) at the embattled Kalma Camp, China’s Xinhua news agency reported”

As is to be expected…this is creating a lot of tension, but my dear reader, it would be better if you read the original article than me try to condense it.

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Protecting Darfur’s children…

22 07 2010

The Justice and Equality movement, fighting against the Sudanese troops, which have been carrying out the Sudanese government’s orders for the violence has agreed to work with the U.N. to protect Darfurian children. The JEM, as it is frequently called, has agreed to allow access to its bases, to affirm that children are not being abused or being used as soldiers. It has agreed to end sexual abuse, murder and maiming of children (!) and stop recruiting children as soldiers.

[This piece is adapted from this CNN article]

More pressure against U.N. re: Sudan

13 06 2010

More pressure is being raised against the U.N. to “take action” against Sudan, whose government has seemingly absolute control over Darfur and refuses to allow President Omar Al Bashir to be tried for war crimes. The U.N. is in a bind between taking action and possibly having Bashir react and sabotage the sanctions, or remain neutral and show that there is no pursuit of justice in the world.

Information written in this post are based on an article from The Guardian, accessible via the link above.
Some is based on opinion written in the article.

Surprise! Bashir is Back

27 05 2010

Today, Omar al-Bashir was sworn in to another term as president of Sudan, despite protests from his mistreated people, humanitarian groups, and concerned persons all over the world. It was the first election[s] in 24 years, during which there has been a civil war “between the north and the south”. The Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for al-Bashir because of his war crimes against the people of Darfur; needless to say, it was not effected. Humanitarian groups have called upon the U.N. to not send a representative to the inauguration.

Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary, reports that intimidation threats have been reported in south Sudan.

The information in this post has been derived from CNN.