Sudanese planes bomb villages; Canada shows concern

23 09 2010

Sudanese Planes Bomb Villages

During the last two days, war planes from Sudan bombed villages in Jebel Marra , stated by the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), a rebel group. Eighteen people were killed, mainly children, women and elderly men. The Sudanese army regularly bombs positions/camps held by the rebel groups not stated in the Doha peace talks.

The government has allowed UNICEF and other aid groups to reach Jebel Marra as part of this new policy (see article) “aiming to build confidence with the civilians”.

However, Nimir Rahman (spokesperson for SLA) said Draibat-based army forces prevented UNICEF and MDM from supplying school material and medication.


Canada Shows Concern for Darfur Situation

It is encouraging (though it is still sad for Darfur, of course) to see that other countries are realizing the severity of the situation in Darfur. Minister of foreigner affairs Lawrence Cannon expressed these concerns in a press statement:

“Canada urges the Government of Sudan to take steps to ensure the safety of Darfur’s citizens, and to allow full, safe and unhindered humanitarian access to assist those in need,”

He “went on” about Darfur/Sudan. The full statement can be found here.


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Six killed in refugee camp

6 09 2010

Six people have been killed during violence in the Hamidiya camp. According to peacekeepers, gunfire broke out on Saturday and although their is no official report on who begun the violence, rebel forces claim that government forces attacked the camp. (On Friday, the Sudan Liberation Army accused the government of attacking the Tabra market, killing 50 people and injuring up to 150 more).


Also, if you have been following the case of Ashtiani, the Iranian woman accused of adultery and involvement in her husband’s murder, it is not getting better…period. There is no justice for women. I am writing to President Obama. Hopefully words speak. Will it get read? Probably not, but there’s always hope; better than doing nothing. I encourage you to write to a government official also.

JEM and Sudan government: peace talks?

7 02 2009

According to a Reuters article, JEM and the Sudanese government are negotiating possible negotiations for the first time in six years, leading to the first realistic expectation of a peaceful solution in that span. The article continues here.

The Sudan Liberation Army has stated that it will not make negotiations with Khartoum.

U.N. Urges Fighting to Stop

3 02 2009

The fighting of the Sudan Armed Forces, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and their “sister” rebel force, Sudan Liberation Army [‘SLA’], has created problems in western Darfur, exposing the area to (more) violence and causing the U.N. to relocate its–quoting the article–“staff”.

[quoted from the webpage follows:] Djibril Yipene Bassole, the chief conflict mediator for a joint United Nations-African Union mission in Darfur, called on rival factions on the western flank of the Sudan in a statement “to consult each other and to work together to create the conditions for peace negotiations, to help resolve the crisis and alleviate the suffering of Darfurians,” according to the UN website.

[opinion piece follows]: Okay, U.N. you’ve been “talking” and “suggesting talk” for MONTHS. So offer. Real. Solutions! In the words of Susan Baker in L.M. Montgomery’s Rilla of Ingleside: “…peace is not made with ink, and that you may tie to!”