How good is Bashir leaving (p. 2)

13 02 2011

Sudan could be off of the “terrorist list” by July, when the secession will be declare.  According to the article, it is only if the Sudanese government accepts what comes with the new referendum on freedom for South Sudan. This was all announced by Scott Gration, the “envoy” to Darfur. Gration seemed no more than a token glance to Darfur, to be a false answer to a terrible problem.  I do wonder if a man of his status would have suggested any solutions or ideas to address this problem to President Obama. And if he had, how did the President react? I’m rattling on now, but am still disgusted, talking of taking a horribly violent country and government off of our danger list when there had never been a serious investigation of Sudan/Darfur available to the general public. Bashir [reportedly] is seen as “the man who allowed Sudan to split,” as Sara Hassan, an analyst with IHS Global Insight, declared.

The article is slightly outdated as I write this; but it is still useful. Now that the south has voted for secession, Bashir’s declaration, announced before the vote, will come true. In “north” Sudan, there will be a state religion–Islam–and an official language–Arabic, BUT under a new constitution. An opposition group, the National Consensus Force, has asked for a national conference to rewrite the said constitution. However, Bashir continue(s) to demand his own wide-ranging government, the National Congress party.

So [north] Sudan will still be under the power of Bashir and he’ll always remain a threat. Yet, in the end, I’m not sure what would be worse; to use a light quote in a serious way, “it is better to have a fool you know than a fool you don’t know.” Perhaps whoever would replace Bashir at this time would be worse…even though no Bashir, without any backlash, would be ideal…


Voting for S. Sudan independence; action from the top?

12 09 2010

Sudan is voting on a referendum that could mean independence for Southern Sudan. The idea of independence for S. Sudan has been ongoing for years and who knows if it will/can happen?

President Obama and Gen. Scott Gration–evidently with Sudan again–seem to believe it can. President Obama is working with Gration on a “diplomatic offensive” to keep the vote from being manipulated. Major Gration met with Sudanese officials in the north and south, discussing a “schedule” for steps the US willing to take to aid Sudan.

President Obama will attend a UN meeting regarding Sudan, which will be headed by Secretary General Ban-Kai Moon, Sept. 24th.

Let’s see if something gets done this time.

There are a lot more details in the source article, which is provided in the link above.

Tell President Obama to help bring justice to Bashir

4 02 2010

Click here to send a prewritten message urging President Obama to deny legitimacy to President Bashir of Sudan in that country’s upcoming elections, which would “justify” the genocide. You can also edit the message for a more personal message.

Nobel Peace LIES

10 10 2009

I’m no expert on war-efforts. All that I could argue about Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan war-efforts by the Obama administration would only be based on basic news heard by me. I’ve never paid more attention than the “average” American. I don’t see even a plan for the “pull-out” that Obama promised…but I may not have all the facts.

But I do know that Obama promised to begin a serious campaign to secure Darfur, putting Air Force General Scott Gration at the helm of an envoy (the exact definition of this envoy–diplomatic? military? was unclear) for peace negotiations.

And where did it go? Nowhere. The envoy was supposed to be launched; it was announced March 19, 2009 and the members were named also…we were introduced to Gen. Gration. And what happened? Virtually nothing. All promises. If you think this is all some crazy campaign against Obama? No. It’s a campaign against an idea, too. Awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to someone who avoided one of the greatest chances to “bring peace”, or at least suppress oppression and violent, widespread extermination of a large number of a race, as well as taking the dignity of the race.

Shame. Pure shame.

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Upping the ante for Obama-again

26 08 2009

I’m not going to talk about Obama; I’ll just be straightforward. This AP article reports that advertisements purchased by Save Darfur, Humanity International, Genocide Intervention Act, and I Act-Enough! (charities/aid programs and awareness programs) point out previous statements and outlines for action upon Darfur–including the envoy lead by Scott Gration. Action has been minimal, activists report.

Scott Gration and Darfur

2 04 2009

In an article dated March 30th, it has been stated that Sudan-Darfur envoy diplomat, General Scott Gration, would arrive in Darfur this week and leave April 11th. According to the U.N., over 300,00 people have died because of the genocide (although, once again, the word has not been “officially” used) and 2.2 have evacuated their homes in Darfur because of persecution.

General Gration will visit Khartoum on his first official visit.

Obama Envoy Continues

31 03 2009

President Obama continues to acknowledge the conflict in Sudan/Darfur, recognizing the gravity of the situation that the genocide has placed the region in (though “officially”, it does not seem he has recognized it as such). He believes the United States envoy can bring about negotiations to return aid groups to the war-torn country. Air Force general Scott Gration continues to lead the efforts.

Information adapted, courtesy of ABC News.