Voting for S. Sudan independence; action from the top?

12 09 2010

Sudan is voting on a referendum that could mean independence for Southern Sudan. The idea of independence for S. Sudan has been ongoing for years and who knows if it will/can happen?

President Obama and Gen. Scott Gration–evidently with Sudan again–seem to believe it can. President Obama is working with Gration on a “diplomatic offensive” to keep the vote from being manipulated. Major Gration met with Sudanese officials in the north and south, discussing a “schedule” for steps the US willing to take to aid Sudan.

President Obama will attend a UN meeting regarding Sudan, which will be headed by Secretary General Ban-Kai Moon, Sept. 24th.

Let’s see if something gets done this time.

There are a lot more details in the source article, which is provided in the link above.


Troops are preparing to ATTACK DARFUR

23 04 2010

Rebels of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) have reported that the Sudanese troops of Khartoum , although a peace pact was signed in February. JEM spokesman Ahmed Hussein Adam says that troops and tanks of the government are moving toward western Sudan and “JEM strongholds”. More detailed information can be found in the AFP article.