My Darfur Awareness video; DarfurHerald Twitter is back!

9 09 2010

I have created an ‘awareness video’ or photo essay, accompanied by music, for the Darfur crisis. It was very time-consuming because I wanted it to be just right. I want everyone to see what it is like in Darfur now. As I developed the ‘film’, seeing those images and making them into a video journey of sorts that was very emotional. I hope you will find this video emotional too.

I have also brought back the DarfurHerald Twitter. New updates from this blog will be added, or want to add a quick “news brief” I’ll post it right to my Twitter. The DarfurHerald Twitter is here or at the links to the right.


Picturing Genocide

9 09 2010

This article is from 2007, but it is still emphatic and teaching; the story of a woman whose emotional and (to be blunt but complimentary) in-your-face message through images made many aware of Darfur. She wanted people to SEE Darfur, so she found photographers who could bring the emotions and reality home. This is the first time I’ve heard of her or her campaign, but I have to give my many, many kudos to Leslie Thomas.

Six killed in refugee camp

6 09 2010

Six people have been killed during violence in the Hamidiya camp. According to peacekeepers, gunfire broke out on Saturday and although their is no official report on who begun the violence, rebel forces claim that government forces attacked the camp. (On Friday, the Sudan Liberation Army accused the government of attacking the Tabra market, killing 50 people and injuring up to 150 more).


Also, if you have been following the case of Ashtiani, the Iranian woman accused of adultery and involvement in her husband’s murder, it is not getting better…period. There is no justice for women. I am writing to President Obama. Hopefully words speak. Will it get read? Probably not, but there’s always hope; better than doing nothing. I encourage you to write to a government official also.

‘God Grew Tired of Us’: A Recommended Book

30 08 2010

God Grew Tired of Us by John Bul Dau is a riveting and emotional memoir/autobiography about a man who had to run away from his village in Sudan during the civil war in the early 1990’s. He went from camp to camp, running with the “Lost Boys” who also had to leave their families, many of which who were injured or even killed. He went through injury, hunger and fear and though he often went on the edge of despair he never gave up–he kept turning back to despair. Then he and many other Lost Boys (and some of the few girls who made it) were allowed to immigrate to the USA. He soon learned and worked hard how to “become an American” but never forgot Africa.

It’s an excellent book. The theme is largely about believing in God and always staying true to the Christian faith,  but John Bul Dau’s story, along with historical information about the Lost Boys and the Sudanese civil war, and the inspirational messages woven into the story, make it for everyone. It is somewhat “slow” near the end and occasionally saccharine but overall is just…great. 🙂 God Grew Tired of Us is also a documentary but I haven’t seen it yet.

More “talking” after violence in camp

27 08 2010

At the Kalma camp in Darfur, there is tension and violence between the internally displace persons, or IDP’s, supporting the Darfur peace process, and those against it.  According to the UN news center, the peace process is centralized in Doha, Qatar. The UNAMID states that “tension in the camp has de-escalated” but that it remains insecure.

Deputy Joint Special Rep. Mohamed Yonis and AU (African Union) Chairperson of Joint Special Commission, Jean Ping, were in a meeting 08/23.  Mr. Yonis emphasises that the Sudanese government and UNAMID need to work together to secure the camp (!!).

Opinion: When the government has been “masterminding” or at least collaborating with the violence in Sudan/Darfur and with the genocide, it doesn’t seem like there is great hope for compromise.

On another topic, I found a darkly amusing satirical political cartoon while looking for a map of Darfur via Google:

Flooding in Pakistan? Spread the news & help

23 08 2010

I’ve heard a lot from about the flooding in Pakistan. Mainly, why isn’t there more awareness and more help? Is the generally negative image of Pakistan’s people and culture keeps us from wanting to spread awareness/pray/donate? I’m not attacking anyone personally or saying that’s what it is, I’m just contemplating. But not all of Pakistan is what you see on the 5:00 news…there are good people just like you, mom, dad and kids, grandparents, newlyweds, people trying to get out of these floods.

Why am I posting this here? I am just amazed at what is happening. This is a surprise.

Just a little like Darfur.

Access ‘regranted’ to aid workers at refugee camp

19 08 2010

After a previous denial, access was returned to various aid groups at a camp for displaced persons in Darfur. Local authorities had claimed “security concerns” for the previous denial. UNAMID reported this news. Tensions have been steady in this camp, Kalma, one of the larges IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. Because of the fighting in the camp, humanitarian aid has been restricted. The UNAMID and UN have been [blog author’s note: the article tells us…] talks with the Government to come up with a solution. [blog author’s note: let’s hope these are some CONSTRUCTIVE talks].