Action in Darfur opinion piece

5 04 2011

(The following is entirely an opinion piece and not a research piece)

We are getting ready to “help” Libya; we were on top of it almost right away. (By “we” I just mean the government supporters of “the Libya move” in general). The crisis/revolution/verge-of-war, whatever is is called, in Libya is tragic and terrible, but it is Libya’s problem. The citizens chose to rebel; and being more prosperous compared to Darfur, they also have something to fall back on. The citizens and the government worked themselves up into this mess, and can (try to) untangle it themselves. We can’t be running to every Middle East disturbance! The persecuted Darfurians have been trying to help themselves, but the government armies have been pushing, hurting and killing them into submission. Thousands of Darfur’s most vulnerable citizens have been exiled to refugee camps. Women have been raped, children killed–thousands upon thousands have been killed. We should not “babysit” a country in desperate need, but we must support and help protect them until the citizens have a foothold. Merely for the principal of it it is needed…and genocide and torture are atrocities that must not be allowed.  Libya may be in trouble, but it is a political fight…not a serious, unforgivable genocide.




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