How good is Bashir leaving?

28 01 2011

IF [Omar al-] Bashir must leave, whether forced our or–when Hell freezes over–voluntarily, how good is it for Sudan and Darfur? According to a recent Bloomberg article, if the south secedes, Bashir’s rule is in danger…and that may not be the fairytale it seems. All things take time to improve. The situation would not become prosperous and fair right away.

But a threat to his rule could also result in a coup, in which “If there is a coup, [Hassan al-] Turabi would take power, not Thomas Jefferson,” announced Andrew Natsios, George W. Bush’s former envoy to Sudan.

What does this mean? A more detailed opinion piece in a week, after I have a week of EEG’s while being wired to a bed…to see where my seizures are. :p




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